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Before you go further please remember :1. We at are in this Business of Web hosting since 1998. We are a 10 year old hosting company in Delhi India serving Corporate like Sahara-One, Anand Group, Punjab Kesari, Lal Mahal Rice, Surya Group, Citibank, Bharti, Delhi Public School and THOUSANDS OF export and business houses. 
2. We know of no other hosting company in Delhi which is as big as ours in terms of magnitude of business we do and servers we have in USA.
3. We serve much much more than 10000 Websites and RUN A SELF OWNED SERVER FARM IN USA FOR OUR WINDOWS SERVERS.
4. We are also Accredited Registrar for .IN domains.
5. We offer backend support to many many many flourishing upcoming hosting/marketing/advertising companies in Delhi.
6. We have 50+ Linux Servers in USA and 25+ SELF OWNED Windows Servers ON OUR OWN SERVER FARM IN USA.

 :-> Let us elaborate how we are now offering much more advanced services then other shared hosting service providers in Delhi/India/USA/UK etc. 

Everyone claims big and better but for an innocent customer there is no yard stick to make comparison and they are taken for a ride by tall claims of a service provider or they get their websites hosted with freelancers or those novice companies which simply copy paste the matter on their website from the service providers page and claim big.

How is our Shared hosting different and has gone 1 step ahead of others is being elaborated as follows :

Over the years we realized that we were lacking on one aspect of hosting in case of Linux Servers ONLY and it was that even though our existing datacenters offered very high level managed hosting support but still the needed PROACTIVE support was not there.
Saying all this please bear in mind that here we are not belittling ourselves that we were bad all these years and now we have gone very good but we are trying to emphasize on one aspect that today business needs have grown and now clients look for top notch services with 0% error..
Stating this fact we always felt that proactive support was the need even though maybe needed once a year or so to the most and at times when someone tries to abuse server resources at odd hours.
To overcome this smallest of lacuna we were always trying to find a datacenter which can help us take care of that bit of needed PROACTIVE support, but our efforts were put down by the fact that all those datacenters offering proactive support were asking for double the monthly lease prices. We in our quest to find a combination of price and service could not succeed and finally succumbed to the truth that there is no short cut to spending money if one needs service at helm. Our existing datacenters though offered support some for free and some for a charge but needed PROACTIVE support was not there, which we finally availed from the current datacenter where we are hosting our all new customers and shifting the old customers.
We finally chose a datacenter to host our server which was offering PROACTIVE support with a price tag which we term as REASONABLY  EXPENSIVE and not exorbitant, something like Rs.20,000+[PLUS} per month per server. The difference was that a normal USA datacenter may offer a UNMANAGED/SEMI-MANAGED/MANAGED Dual Xeon server with RAID1 for Rs.6000-Rs.12500 per month but then the support at times is lacking, which one needs incase of an issue which cannot be handled remotely. With our current datacenter where we are leasing our servers our life has gone much easier as we found that by the time our monitoring service will send us a mail which is every 5 minutes their technicians would already be working on our servers to make them work with utmost security and reliability.
Why datacenter offering PROACTIVE support is the need of the hour ?

We have found that even most of loyal customers who are there for years at times are willing to leave a hosting service provider if they have a single issue even once in a year terming it as a lack of services from the service provider. We have found people abusing support staff on trivial issues accusing them of incompetence and when on checking their history of issues we were surprised to find that in last 1-3 years they had only 1-2 smallest of admin issues and nothing more. These kind of customer are very difficult to retain for their belief in the myth that servers can never go wrong or a service provider is incompetent if there is a minute of downtime. If we do statistical analysis, 99.5% uptime means 0.5% downtime and 0.5% of 720 hours in a month comes to 3 hours and 36 minutes of downtime in a month. FOR THE SAKE OF INFORMATION WE HAVE GIVEN 99.5% OF UPTIME ON 99% OF OUR SERVERS AND NOT EVEN FALTERED 0.5% IN LAST ONE YEAR WHAT TO TALK ABOUT A MONTH BUT even then we are at times abused by some ill mannered customers. They believe servers are some satellites or man made space ships which will never go down. They don’t know that servers are nothing but better forms of their desktop PC’s which may have issues at times. [Please do not think I am comparing PC’s with servers but here I am trying to give a small example to make those customers understand that servers are no NASA ships or satellites but simple computers which are there everywhere around these days. Smallest of organizations are having servers in their office or going for their own Virtual/Dedicated servers for better security, uptime and convenience.]

Now to come back to the main point that why we found the need for a proactive solution was to avoid such happenings where this 0.5 % of downtime in a Year of issues can also be taken care of by someone in USA or for the reason that when we needed support for some issues there should be someone trying to help us for good and knows what is happening on our servers. Even those datacenters which offer managed services do not have proactive services so that there is no downtime. From our experience of the industry we have found that at times when service providers like us need assistance from the datacenter in USA  and are already in distress find the datacenter turning their face away seeking excuse that senior staff members are not there managing their support desk during their night hours and our morning hours or that billing/accounts/sales/build department is closed as they work only during their morning hours.

Even with service providers who are big and have people managing their servers 24 hours in India one will find that till the time the staff members managing the server coordinates/wakes up his senior admin or director/owner/CEO to inform him that there is an issue lot of time is lost and Senior admins in USA managing the datacenter may have already called it a day or various departments are already closed.

Let me cut short the story and come to the point that due to shortage of manpower, our need to retain novice customer who does not understand what is a server or retain those who need not want any downtime we had no option but to look for a service provider who should be BIG / EXPERIENCED / KNOWLEDGEABLE / ABOVE ALL OFFER PROACTIVE SUPPORT/MONITORING and be working on our servers before we even know of that any thing is wrong. Our gamble got us the jackpot and now you and we can sleep knowing that there is someone taking care of our servers and even our staff members will not be waking up the CEO asking for help in odd hours as we have someone assuring us that we are in better hands.
Thus to conclude we can easily say that we now better off then even biggest of shared hosting provider in USA as we now not only have our support staff but a much bigger backend support then many others, to top it all we have taken MOST expensive DUAL XEON E5405 Quad Core (Harpertown) (8 cores total, 2.0GHZ per core) servers which money can buy from this datacenter with PROACTIVE support which although makes us spend a lot but ensures happiness for all our customers.

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